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EuroAsia Agro (Pvt) Ltd is formed by a social entrepreneur in consultation with experienced scientists in the field of Agricultural Technology of National and International standards. The company is licensed in Sri Lanka with its corporate office in Colombo. The tissue culture laboratory is situated in Ulapane, (Gampola district) at an altitude of 3000 ft. above the sea level in central province of Sri Lanka.

The company aims to produce planting materials that conform stringent standards with consistency. That means, superior branching, and true to type plants and provide commercial interface for agriculture biotechnologies to increase the food production to meet ever growing population.

Our company has established an Eco-friendly commercial "Modern Plant Biotechnology Unit" in an area of 3 acres with a capacity to produce 2-3 million tissue culture plantlets per annum. This facility was designed to produce world class products in a sterile clean area at cost effective prices.

Our Mission

Be a partner in an effort to find a sustainable solution to the growing demand for food inequality in the world by exploring new frontiers to produce healthier planting materials.

Our Vision

To empower poor farmers to increase their harvest & income by producing healthy & disease free planting materials through innovative methods. We envision solving the problems others seem to ignore in global food security.

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EuroAsia Agro ( Pvt ) Ltd
Industrial Park, Ulapane, Gampola,
Central Province, Sri Lanka

Email : euroasiaagro@gmail.com
Website : www.euroasiaplantbiotec.com

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