About us

We at EuroAsia Agro (Pvt) Ltd, humble with our promoter’s vision to be one of the reliable suppliers of healthy plant tissue culture starter plants and services in the industry. We strive every day to achieve this ultimate goal for our customer's success.

The company is absolutely committed to bringing you the highest quality and most unique planting materials. Our tissue culture laboratory has the ability to produce millions of contaminant-free elite plants for domestic & international markets. We envisage consistent quality, juvenile vigor, superior branching, and true to type plants. We have set up hardening centers in every AGRO CLIMATE ZONE in Sri Lanka in collaboration with nurseries in different parts of the country to acclimatize our plants which allow us to respond to our customers’ needs quickly. We harden all liners in sophisticated, environmentally controlled greenhouses with crop specific designs to ensure high quality.

The Company propagate wide range of seeds & seedlings namely Forestry species, Ornamental (Foliage), Ornamental (Flowering) Vegetable & cash crops, Medicinal & Aromatic, Fruits. All plants on our catalog are grown and supply according to the customer’s specific packing requirement. We use stabilized media with the highest quality substrates which holds plants together during handling, shipping, and transplanting.

EuroAsia ( Agro ) Pvt Ltd