GOAL - EuroAsia Agro (Pvt) Ltd

Our main GOAL is to help farming families in the world to produce more food and increase their income, by way of producing healthy planting materials.

Nearly one billion people worldwide are affected by severe hunger and poverty. Many are farmers who cultivate about one or two acres of land for their food and income. Three-quarters of the world’s poorest people get their food and income from Agriculture. Most of them are struggling with seed quality & vigor, unproductive soil, plant diseases, pests, and drought, at a time depleting natural resources and changing climatic condition have strained the agriculture productivity further.

We at EuroAsia Agro (Pvt) Ltd, have formulated a comprehensive approach that includes the production of healthy seeds & seedlings that are more resistant to disease & less dependence in other inputs, education of more productive farming techniques, work with government policy makers on seeds & seedlings policies that serve the interests of farming community.

We address their specific seeds & seedlings needs. We talk to farmers about the crops they want to grow and eat, as well as the unique challenges they face. We partner with research organizations / universities that understand and are equipped to identify relevant and affordable solutions to produce healthy planting material needs.

When farmers grow more food and earn more income, they are better able be self-dependable. This makes their communities economically stronger hence contribute to the success of global food security. We endure communicating with farmers & farmer groups more effectively in order to maximize our collective approach in achieving this GOAL.

EuroAsia ( Agro ) Pvt Ltd