What We Do

We at EuroAsia Agro (Pvt) Ltd have proven means of micro propagating & producing millions of genetically identical plants under germ-free conditions. Micro propagation has higher output, economy of time and space, clonal uniformity, freedom from seasonal constraints, and disease-free nature of the plants are some of the major advantages over conventional methods of propagation.

Our facility has infrastructural facilities ranging from modern laboratory and greenhouses to nurseries that are required for mass production of tissue cultured plants. The facility has a production capacity of over two million plants annually.

We work with universities & research facilities around the world with access to micro propagation protocols for species including ornamentals, medicinal and aromatic plants, cash crops, fruit crops, and forestry species have been developed and tested for mass scale production of selected species of plants.

We are a startup company that plans to cater to the domestic & international markets in forestry departments, horticulture departments, private entrepreneurs, nurseries, agro-based companies, farmers etc. Beside serving the above demands, We intend to work with NGO’s,Agro & academic universities, research institutes to carry out research programs to provide commercial interface for agriculture biotechnologies in Sri Lanka.

The company has a stringent quality control measures in place due to occurrences of genetic variations during in vitro process. We carry out the multiplication of shoots only by using the auxiliary branching method, which is least prone to soma clonal variations. We are in the process to obtain ISO 9001 certification and GLOBAL G.A.P certification.

EuroAsia ( Agro ) Pvt Ltd