Bambusa Nutans

Bambusa nutans is a medium sized graceful bamboo. Culms 6-15 m high, 5-10 cm in diameter, loosely clumped, much-branched above, usually unbranched below, straight, green, smooth, not shining, white-ringed below the nodes; node slightly thickened, often hairy, lower ones bearing rootlets; internodes usually 25-45 cm long, thick-walled. Culm-sheaths 10-23 cm long, upto 30 cm wide at base, with appressed scattered black hairs on the back, base with soft deciduous hairs, top truncate; ligule ca.2 mm, entire to dentate; auricles 2, at the top of the sheath, large, wavy, unequal in size, one erect and the other decurrently, both fringed, with long curved bristles; base rounded, margin recurved, adaxial surface clothed with appressed brownish black hairs.

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